Physique Seasoning Macronutrients Explained

Physique Seasoning Macronutrients Explained

Physique Seasoning Macronutrients Explained…One thing I am very specific with, is products having 100% accurate Nutritional Information panels. When I formulated my Physique Seasoning range, I wanted to be 100% Transparent regarding the Macronutrient content of my products. For anyone who is unaware, Macronutrients are what food is made up of. The 3 Macronutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats, all of which contain Calories (the overall energy content).

I see similar products to Physique Seasonings on store shelves and for sale online saying they contain “No Calories”. Although legally this is allowed, it is still a straight up lie. Whilst herbs, spices and seasonings don’t contain much in the way of Macronutrients or overall calories, they are still actual food and thus will have some caloric content. To illustrate what I mean I will use Paprika as an example. Paprika, contains 282 Calories per 100g. Obviously we are never going to be using 100g of Paprika per serving, but this is to illustrate that it does contain calories, no matter how much you consume. As you will see on EVERY Physique Seasoning product, the Nutritional Information panel is 100% accurate to one decimal place.

Due to the standard serving size for this type of product being so small, it allows for companies to technically say their products contain “No Calories”, however it is my belief to be 100% transparent and for YOU the consumer to know EXACTLY what you are getting. Wether you use 1/4 Tsp (standard serving size) or 2 Tsp, having a completely accurate nutritional information panel gives you the ability to know exactly the calories you are consuming.

Choose products which speak to you and give you all the information you need to make informed choices about what is best for you. The range of Physique Seasonings are 100% Natural and completely transparent with their Macronutrient + Calorie content. With a broad range of flavours which are constantly expanding, there is something for everyone.

Physique Seasoning Benefits

Paleo + Vegan Friendly.
100% Natural.
Gluten FREE.
ZERO Added Sugars.
NO Fillers.
ZERO Sodium (In selected flavours).
LOW FODMAP (Thai Spice Seasoning!).
AIP Friendly (Taco Seasoning!).

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