Seasoning Benefits

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Why Season?

Why should I season my food?

Seasoning your meals carries numerous benefits and I will outline the three main ones which can work to your advantage.

1. Flavour.

This one is obvious. When making meals for yourself, of course you want them to taste good. Utilising seasonings makes this a breeze. Simply season your food of choice, wether it be meat, vegetables or anything else, prior to cooking to enhance the flavour of your meals!

Physique Seasonings Basics Triple Pack
Physique Seasonings Basics Triple Pack

2. Reduced Calories.

If you are in a phase where you are dieting and preparing your own meals to consume throughout the day, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting down to reheated steamed chicken and Broccoli 3x a day. This is where being a little bit smart with your food intake can play a massive role in ensuring that you achieve your physique goals.

What happens often when people start to diet in the effort to drop a little unwanted body fat is that they will go ahead and prepare meals for each day which is great. Super healthy meals pre-prepared so that you stay on track whilst going about your day-to-day life. But the problem occurs when they go and throw a spanner in the works and add high amounts of sauces and certain seasonings which contain high amounts of calories, sugars, artificial ingredients, preservatives and unnecessary fillers, which then adds a whole bunch more calories which are not accounted for in their macros or diet plan.

When you consume less calories from drinks, sauces and other non-food items, what this means is that you can eat more ACTUAL food. When you eat more actual food, this will do a number of things. It will leave you less inclined to feel hungry while sticking to a diet as it increases your satiation (leaving you feeling fuller for longer) and it will also speed up your metabolism to burn even MORE calories. Eating more actual food also increases your whole food intake, which therefore increases your overall MICROnutrient intake. Micronutrients are all the essential vitamins and minerals our boy requires to function at its best and ensure we have optimal energy levels and fully functioning immune systems. Micronutrient intake is highly important to obtaining AND maintaining a healthy body inside AND out.

3. Health Benefits.

There are plenty of herbs and spices which carry significant health benefits with their regular consumption. In relation to the dried spices, the nutritional content is much reduced in comparison to their fresh counterparts, though there is still benefits. Just because the benefit is somewhat decreased, it doesn’t mean that there is no benefit. Don’t forget it is the sum of all the small things you do everyday which leads to a large positive benefit to your health.

Generally the herbs and spices we use which are denser in nutritional value are Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric, Organic Cacao and Organic Stevia.

Outlined below are a few of the health benefits of some of the ingredients which we utilise in our seasonings:

Basil → Has some anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and may assist with prevention of osteoarthritis. Basil also has some digestive health benefits as well as possibly also having some anti-cancer benefits.

Turmeric → Assists in improving joint health and reducing inflammation. Turmeric contains a powerful compound known as Curcumin, which has been shown to have a anti-cancer properties.

Cayenne → Shown to be beneficial to heart health, whilst also improving overall circulatory effects within the body. Cayenne is also a nifty spice, as it helps the absorption of other nutrients within the body.

Cumin → Contains anti-microbial properties.

Thyme → Thyme contains Thymol, s strong antioxidant compound. Antioxidants are important to fight free radicals within the body and prevent oxidation.

Rosemary → Good for the digestive system and has a high Carnosol content (antioxidant). Also may exhibit some anti-cancer benefits.

Oregano → Has a high antioxidant content. Also may exhibit anticancer, antiviral, antimicrobial and antibiotic effects.

Read in detail about the below ingredients by following the link to their respective blog posts!

Organic Raw Cacao Pink Himalayan Salt Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

“Eat for your Physique!”

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    Kylie Dotts says:

    I like how you said that if you eat fewer calories from certain foods then it will allow you to eat them in other foods. That would let you do something like having a blended meat seasoning or a creamy sauce instead of having something bland. Food is an important part of every life, so it should be enjoyed as often as possible.

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