Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You are not required to set up an account to order products as Physique Chef offers guest checkout services. That being said, we do highly recommend you create an account the first time you purchase with us as it will streamline the process for future orders. Physique Chef only stores your basic details to make future purchases a breeze.

Do you offer wholesale options if I want to sell your products through my business?

Yes! Physique Chef is always on the lookout for new businesses/retailers who like our philosophy/brand and enjoy our products to stock us! Simply contact us at for further information.

Where do you ship?

Physique Chef products are able to beshipped worldwide! Check out the Shipping Page for more information.

How best to use Physique Seasonings?

Our seasonings go well in so many different recipes, dishes and applications. Wether it’s vegetables or proteins, you cannot go wrong. Wether you are seasoning/marinating prior to cooking, or adding some flavour straight off the grill, Physique Chef has you COVERED! Don’t forget we have savoury AND sweet options, so you can flavour your desserts and things like protein shakes and oats!

Click the link below to see an assortment of our recipes! (New ones added daily!)


Return Policy

We do not provide straight refunds or exchanges if you simply change your mind once your products have been ordered and/or received.

If your product is faulty or damaged in a considerable manner, please contact us at and we can organise an exchange if required.

We ask that you please inform us within 14 working days from the date of order placement if any exchanges due to damaged or faulty goods are requested. This is to ensure that we are able to follow through the correct procedures.

NOTE: Return shipping fees are the customers responsibility.

Our Return Policy can be read in its entirety HERE.

What is the nutritional information of your products?

The nutritional information of each product can be found on its specific label. If you do not yet have your Physique Chef products, the Nutritional Panels are also available for viewing on the website under each specific products link.

Visit the shop to see each product by clicking the link below.


Do your seasonings contain MSG, preservatives, fillers or sugars?

No. Physique Chef Seasonings contain ZERO MSG, preservatives, fillers, added sugars or even processed sodium. We firmly believe that all of these ingredients are completely unnecessary. The only sodium/salt we use is Pink Himalayan Salt which has proven health benefits and is natural and unprocessed, just like our other ingredients.

Part of our mantra and belief is that nutrition should be as natural and unprocessed as possible. By using Physique Seasonings you can add delicious flavours to your meals, WITHOUT the addition of high amounts of processed ingredients and empty calories.

I have specific medical/nutritional dietary requirements. Am I able to use Physique Chef seasonings?

Always consult with your nutritionist/physician ifyou have specific food allergies or dietary requirements.

If you would like further information on any specific products or ingredients please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist!

AIP Protocol Friendly

One dietary requirement I have been asked about regularly is by individuals required to follow the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol). We have formulated a seasoning specifically for this! Our Taco Fusion Physique Seasoning is AIP friendly and you can be rest assured you will enjoy this one! I didn’t realise how good this was going to taste when I was going through the R&D stages. It is actually now one of my favourites!


Our Thai Spice Physique Seasoning is Low FODMAP. This flavour was specifically formulated to be delicious, whilst also catering for individuals who follow a Low FODMAP dietary protocol. Just because you cannot enjoy certain spices/flavours, doesn’t mean your food has to be boring!

Do Physique Seasonings Expire?

Physique Seasonings have a natural shelf life of around 2 years. Be sure to keep the cap on and the bottles stored in a cool, dry place. The seasonings don’t ever expire as such, but will lose their flavour potency. I am extremely confident your Physique Seasonings won’t be sitting on the shelf for anywhere near that amount of time though.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all electronic methods of payment.

– PayPal.

– Mastercard.

– Visa.

– American Express.

Does Physique Chef use salt in its seasonings?

Yes and no. Some of our seasonings contain ZERO salt/sodium and some do. That being said, our seasonings which do contain salt/sodium, only use the HIGHEST quality Pink Himalayan Salt! Pink Himalayan Salt actually contains health benefits not seen in other forms of sodium (consumed in reasonable amounts).

Physique Seasonings WITH Pink Himalayan Salt:
– Spicy Cajun Blend.
– Pink Himalayan Herb & Garlic.
– Taco Seasoning

Physique Seasonings containing ZERO Sodium/Salt:
– All Purpose Seasoning.
– Thai Spice Blend.
– Chocolate Cinnamon Scroll Dust.

I think it is important for people to realise that Sodium is an essential mineral and to not be afraid of it. It is only not a good thing if you over consume it. The problem is, in todays world of highly processed food, sodium is found in abundance. This is why when you predominantly prepare and consume your own meals, you are able to enjoy salt on your foods and likely not be concerned about exceeding RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake).

If you want to know a bit more about Pink Himalayan Salt, have a read of our Physique Chef blog post on it!